L85AFV(L22A2) のこと Part.5 フラッシュハイダー

I made my L22A2 the latest style <2>


L22A2 Combat Camera Team Type    デフォルトのバードケージ型からSHUREFIRE フラッシュハイダーに換装


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L85AFV(L22A2) のこと Part.4 フォアグリップ

I made my L22A2 the latest style <1>



First of all, I thought British Troops is using the vertical foregrips made by Knight's armament for L22A2. But I guess they are from H&K. And some troops of British armed forces( like Combat Camera Team or Helicopter crew) seems to use the folding type foregrips from TDI's when I watched some of photos slowly and carefully. But they made by CAATDI in Israel.

There was a person who sent me high definition photographs today to me. When expanding the picture, helicrew's foregrip was FFG 2 made by TDI. I thought CAA and TDI were different production companies. But CAA was an official reseller of Israel. I am sorry to inform you of corrections and apologies here. Also I would like to thank Mr.k ● f ● bq who sent me photos to take this opportunity.( Appendix and Correction 28th Dec. 2017 )

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写真で見る英軍Patch ⑩(ちょっと拘ってみたPatch )



20th Armoured Brigade Formation Patch(Subdude)

IRON FIST ( 20th Armoured Brigade ) の Formation Patch (^^)v MTP グリーンに白抜きのサブデュード


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